The C2 compiler is more than a tool to convert c2 code into binaries. It aim to speed up development and help developers get things done.

For example:

As such in projects using Make/CMake/Ninja, every project wastes time configuring the build system to insert a GIT version into the code, so that every build automatically contains the version. The C2 compiler now has a plugin call git_version that inserts the git version into a (generated) module named git_version. It can be used as a normal symbol, so:

module main;

import stdio;
import git_version;

func i32 main(i32 argc, char** argv) {
    io.printf("Git version: %s\n", git_version.describe);
    return 0;

The required plugins are specified in the recipe.txt file or in the build-file. Since both may be auto-generated, duplicate plugins are filtered out.